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I felt again today just how much I enjoy teaching children about music (or really anything, for that matter). One of the beautiful things about children is the way that they lack preconceptions. For instance, a kid that I was teaching didn’t realize that the notes to the right at the piano are “high” and the notes to the left are “low”. When I explained it, he felt it was wrong — that it should be the other way around. It turned out that this was because what we call the low notes tend to be louder and in that way “high”, and vice-versa with what we call the high notes.

It occurs to me that to combine teaching piano or music to children with composing music has a nice balance and complimentarity. Firstly, because it combines something down to earth with something that can be pretty intellectual (both of which are important sides of me). Second, because this lack of preconceptions that children have is exactly the kind of thing that a composer benefits from having. It allows new ways of thinking and creativity.

Anyway, them be my thoughts.


About marcpevans

I'm a composer, and a graduate student at UC Santa Barbara. This blog contains my philosophical musings on music and on other things. If you want to actually listen to my music, you can find it at Welcome! :)
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