Calvin and Hobbes = Genius

I’m home for a few days, and reading through one of my and my brother’s old Calvin and Hobbes strips, I am reminded of just how brilliant a comic strip it was. In fact, I will even go so far as to say it was probably the best comic strip ever, backing that up with no evidence or consideration whatsoever.

You know why? Because it combines two things I love: children and cats. And Bill Watterson does such an amazing job of capturing the quirky unfilteredness of children. And just like children, the things Calvin says and does are often hilarious, and occasionally, almost accidentally, deep.

For instance, I was really struck by the strip below.

This kind of enthusiasm is why I love kids. The idea that “there’s treasure everywhere” is actually a pretty deep one, and one I think a lot of adults could learn from, myself included. I’m sure one could find many a carefully constructed quote about finding happiness in little things, but the beauty of this strip is that it’s not telling you, but rather showing you the process through the eyes of a child.

Plus, it’s funny, and Calvin and Hobbes in general is really damn funny. Analyzing it probably just hurts the humor, though, so I think I’ll cut my losses at this point and just end this post with another strip, without commenting further.

Calvin Funny

Oh, apologies, by the way, to whoever cares (i.e. probably no one), for having posted these strips on here without permission. It’s out of love. ❤



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