“White smell”

Have you ever noticed that trash, when assembled from enough sources, always has the same overpowering, sickening smell? One dumpster always seems to smell like another, and if you leave the trash bag in the kitchen too long, it too is headed inexorably for that one distinctive odor.

My theory: perhaps dumper-smell is the “white light” of putrescence, a kind of combination of bad smells of all the different frequencies.

Also, perhaps (no, surely) we are only privy to a small subset of the smellomagnetic* spectrum, namely the “smellable” frequencies of stench. Dogs, the poor creatures, are probably not only bothered by dog whistles, but also by smells in the ultra-mold, and infra-rotten banana ranges of the spectrum.

And god help us if we were to run into any of the ultra high-energy Gamma-stinks…

*When in doubt, assume magnets play a role.


About marcpevans

I'm a composer, and a graduate student at UC Santa Barbara. This blog contains my philosophical musings on music and on other things. If you want to actually listen to my music, you can find it at www.marcevansmusic.com. Welcome! :)
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