A Loneliness Ignored

A loneliness ignored will act out.

Like a neglected child, it will whine, first quietly, then ever more stridently
It will lash out, it may even break things… or maybe it will just grumble.

And you will ask yourself: Where is this coming from? Why are you behaving this way?
After all, I let you watch all the TV you wanted.

But now a loneliness listened to,
                  held with warm attention,

She might suddenly laugh and start to play.
She’ll say, “Look, we’re in a jungle! Over there — what’s that?”
With a curious and wondering eye she will run about, questioning,
Exploring her reality.

You could learn a lot from a loneliness like that.


About marcpevans

I'm a composer, and a graduate student at UC Santa Barbara. This blog contains my philosophical musings on music and on other things. If you want to actually listen to my music, you can find it at www.marcevansmusic.com. Welcome! :)
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