A Tee-ching moment

Two golfers set out for a day on the links. As they’re heading to the first hole, a short par 3, one says to the other: “You know, I never use a tee on this hole, and always I land a little short of the green. I bet if I used a tee, the extra loft would make my ball go that extra distance.”

His friend is dubious. “I don’t think it’ll make any difference.”

So the first guy says, “Tell you what: I’ll take a shot each way, and we’ll just see about that!”

And so he does: one shot without a tee, and then one with. The shot without the tee lands, as always, just a little short of the green. They can’t quite make out where the other shot lands. His friend goes ahead and takes his shot (not bothering with the tee, since it’s never made any difference to him), and they head down to find their balls.

Coming up to where his first shot landed, the first golfer spots something pearly white lying on the green — it’s the shot he took with the tee!

“You see?” he calls to his friend. “The difference between here and there” — he gestures triumphantly in the direction of the green — “is a tee at the beginning!”

(Get it?)


About marcpevans

I'm a composer, and a graduate student at UC Santa Barbara. This blog contains my philosophical musings on music and on other things. If you want to actually listen to my music, you can find it at www.marcevansmusic.com. Welcome! :)
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